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Burton Continues to Inspire the Snowboard Industry

by Kate Runyon [January 29, 2007]

Burton snowboards first appeared in 1977. At the time, it was hard to believe this surfboard-like design held the potential to make it on the cold slopes. Featuring a fiberglass prototype, engineers established basic technologies that are still staples in modern Burton snowboard construction. Today, Burton is the largest manufacturer of snowboard-specific products, and arguably the best.
Throughout the 80s, Burton snowboarding lines continued to experiment with designs, materials and awful fluorescent colors that were in someway considered cool. The 90s held great potential for Burton snowboards. Their customer base was rapidly expanding and the concept of snowboarding had become accepted on the mountain. While competing manufacturers tried to introduce new inventions, Burton snowboards remained on their successful path and advanced features that they considered timeless. The best example of this is step-in bindings. Burton chose not to follow the craze, believing classic bindings offer more stability for their riders. Thus, by the end of the 90s, step in bindings were almost obsolete. This proved that not only do Burton snowboards use preeminent technologies but also that Burton truly was driving the helms of the snowboard industry.

It's now the new millennium and Burton snowboards are more prominent on the mountain than ever. The completely re-vamped Burton women's board line offers high performing decks that fit the needs of a feminine frame. In addition to gear, Burton snowboards have established Women's Learn to Ride Centers. Hooking up with the renowned resorts, Burton provides knowledgeable instructors that provide a relaxed experience for female beginners. Burton is now fully established across the market. Offering everything from head to toe, Burton riders can rest assured that they have the most reputable gear possible. Burton pioneered snowboarding outerwear lines and consistently delivers the most durable, innovative and stylish threads on the mountain. Offering high-tech Burton accessories that are iPod™ ready, Burton sets the trends that has the competition awed.

Burton backpacks are built to comply with anyone's needs. Whether the game plan involves heli-riding in the backcountry or days on the half pipe, Burton backpacks are ready for the mission. The best example of innovation is the most versatile Burton pack, the Burton Liquid Lounger. Combining strong nylon, weather resistant speakers, a deck of cards, removable chair, lined cooler and a cushioned ergonomic shoulder harness, this Burton pack defines the comfort that consumers want as well as the extras that they wish for.
Burton jackets display the innovations of Burton designs. Not only do Burton Jackets provide the fit and comfort that riders look for, but they also incorporate the unsurpassed elements which provide the waterproofness and warmth that consumers rely upon. The AK line, new to Burton clothing, includes GORE-TEX™ and Storm-lite™ protection for riders who seek the extremes. Using these two elements, AK Burton Jackets give extremists the proper armor to attack any mission. The B by Burton women's line represents a loyalty to individuality. With bomber style cuts, inspiring colors and faux fur, this cutting edge line gives Burton clothes the right amount of sass without losing the classic Burton elements.

Since the first snowboard slid off their production lines, Burton has held a competitive edge on the snowboarding industry. Burton constantly defines the most aggressive, cutting edge gear in the snowboarding marketplace. In a seemingly effortless venture, Burton snowboards has taken the industry to innovative levels that no one could have predicted. No longer is snowboarding viewed as a recreational sport, but rather a universal, progressive lifestyle isn't going to die down any time soon.

About the Author

Kate Runyon has embraced the outdoors since the ripe age of 3. Besides heliboarding the backcountry, she also enjoy long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners. You can usually find her pushing limits on the mountain or helping old people cross the street. Please visit us at: Moosejaw.com




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